Camera Policys

A few things you need to know regarding spectator photography for Bricktown Throwdown:

  • Your lens must be less than 5 inches (12.7 cm) long.
  • You cannot bring in a tripod or monopod of any sort.
  • You must turn off the flash.
  • You cannot use, publish, reproduce or distribute any image or video for any commercial purpose.
  • Any photos posted publicly from our venue reserves the right for Bricktown Throwdown to use/reproduce said images for promotional purposes.

If you pack a camera with a lens longer than 5 inches or a tripod, you will be told to take it out of the venue.

Press approved by Bricktown Throwdown will be allowed to bring in equipment that exceeds these limits for pre-approved purposes.  To obtain a press pass to have access to arena area please contact Julie at

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